Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Yamini the wood nymph lived by
Waterfront and woodland bark.
She swished by the trees so high,
Her presence smooth and sharp.
Her unwritten code others wrote.
By the seven breeze brought,
Day in and day out she rode.

Yamini once found joyously at lunch
Punch drunk in squalling wonder
Something in the air - a hunch.
She threw out her arm slender
To entice my green heart within
I followed her like a sin
Just for her loop-sided grin.

Yamini in pleasure flew past
A temperamental sprite to live
And haunted elements in these parts.
We travelled so, for days but five
Far away from the outside sound.
In the days to come I found
My identity a single round.

Yamini, my imagination can't just die!
To keep her alive a wonderful lie.
Looking for her in these woods, I dry
"Yamini, my imagination you just died"
Leaving an empty shell without her fire.
In a flash I knew she was my desire
And my dreams were her sire.

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