Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Jasmine Arch

On the lone backyard
Was a young jasmine arch
Strong, sinews and hard
Waited this congenial perch

With daybreak upon the arch
Were the four sparrows,
Seeking respite from their search,
Lined up in a row.

Together they sat for a while,
But one flew away to the side.
Now just the three in a file
As one within the climber hides

Remaining three chirps in unison
Praising the passing days,
Drinking the morning sun
Finding their journeying ways.

Time passed, as a tick in a run
Sun’s shadowed speckle view
Part learning and part fun
An unfinished picture self-drawn.

Second sparrow flew, leaving
Just the remaining two
With a jerky flap of a wing
Left the sparrow in a huff.

The second sparrow sought
A branch higher and green
While the two below caught
Singing new refrain, are seen.

The silent arch seems to sing
Those refrains of twin-sparrows
Remaining two flew too, leaving
Silence like a sunken arrow.

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